Yeoju High School Festival

Wow the students and teachers really outdid themselves this time and came up with some funny and enjoyable acts for the annual school festival. One thing I found a bit too  much was when the male teachers dressed up as women to entertain the students. I expressed my disapproval but it was simply explained as a bit of fun at their expense.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagesome of the students had a taekwon-do demonstration which was pretty good.This was my first year at Yeoju First High School and so far it went well. Check out our school website for some more info, sorry it is only in Korean.


The gift of You!

It is that time of the year again when shoppers go wild to buy the latest gadgets for themselves and their kids. My question always is whether or not this is what kids want at this time of the year or not. The commercialization of this season is so out of control and at the same time a great opportunity for families to connect again and mend broken relationships or further strengthen  good ones.As a father I have to look for ways to show my wife and kids that I love them in the same way God showed us love by sending Jesus to die for our sins and redeem us.These are some easy ways to this in defiance of the way the rest of the world choose to go about it.

 Spend time with your kids  – it is too easy for parents to over schedule because so many parties are going on and you can get lost in our busy lives.Image

  Have a good relationship with your wife –     our kids are good observers and they will model their lives according to what you do and say. Make time to keep the romance in your lives.Image

Resolve your emotional pains with your father  –    There are many elements of our up bringing that contributes to who we are. For example, our interactions with significant family members such as mother, father and siblings. But no other relationship carries the impact of helping to mold who we are, more than our relationship with our father. No matter how old you are your relationship with your father, good or bad, painful or painless has had an influence on the person you are today. Image    

 Understand how to control your anger and do it! –          because of the stresses that are brought about by the busy season it is easy to lose control and snap at your family but learn to control that tongue! It is small but can say many hurtful things you might not always mean to say.  Proverbs 16:24 kind words are powerful.

Butterfly kisses – One of my favourite songs are butterfly kisses by Bob Carlisle , so simply do not be shy to show affection to your kids and wife/husband especially in public.Image

Give the gift of YOU this season to your family as time is limited and we do not know if next year will be ours to enjoy. 

God bless!





Lemon meringue pie for dinner?

I love lemon meringue pie , the combination of sweet and sour is perfected in this delicacy usually enjoyed with some tea.lemon

When you are very hungry however would this be appropriate to eat or even filling for that matter? It might taste nice and leave you less hungry but five minutes later the hunger pains will return . So it would be better to eat  proper food for dinner , food that will not only be delicious and filling but also healthy.

I recently listened to a Joel Osteen sermon and I felt sad afterward because this man gives people in his church lemon meringue pie for dinner, spiritually speaking. Smooth sounding words and jokes are given instead of solid doctrine. Could this be the judgment of God against the believers who are so carnally minded and do not hunger after the God of the bible? We as believers are commanded to preach repentance from sin and purity in our daily lives but instead we give people words that will not offend. I pray that in these last days believers will rise up and boldly preach the Gospel Jesus preached and not a watered down version. God bless.

Party ideas!

I hope to give my daughter Keren a great birthday surprise this year and was thinking about a minute to win it party.


  • When the whistle blows, players may begin using 1 hand to stack snack cakes 1 at a time on the forehead.
  • If a cake or cakes fall, player may use the same hand to re stack them.
  • To complete the game, player must stack 5 or 7  snack cakes 1 atop the other on the forehead before any one else.  The wrappers ca be left on prevent  a big mess.
    • Fill the tissue box with ping-pong balls, then attach tissue box to the back of belt. Put on the belt with the tissue box sitting at the small of the back.
    • When the clock starts, players may begin moving body to shake the ping-pong balls out.
    • Player’s hands or arms may not touch the box or belt.
    • Player may only touch the floor with his or her feet.
    • To complete the game, player must get all 5 ping-pong balls out of the box before any one else.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive corresponding points.
    • Prior to game start, contestants wear a rubber ball attached to the back of their pants or a belt, like a tail.Once game begins, contestants begin moving their body to get the ball swinging and try to knock over the 6 plastic cups .
      • Contestant may not use hands, arms, feet or legs to guide the string or ball.
      • Contestant may not hold belt.
      • If a contestant touches the cups with their body, resulting in a cup falling over, the game is considered a fail.
      • If one cup knocks another cup down both cans will count toward the final score.
      • To complete the game, contestant must knock over all the cups using the ball.
        • Prior to game start, contestant stands with two balloons. After the whistle signal the contestants will release the balloons up into the air.
        • Contestants may use any part of the body to hit the balloons.
        • Balloons may not be held by the contestant, or rest on any part of the body once they have been released.
        • Contestant and balloons must remain in designated play area during game.
        • If a balloon pops upon contact with the body the contestant is eliminated.
        • The person to keep the balloons up in the air the longest is the winner.  2nd and 3rd place winners will also be given points.
        • Hope they will have fun.ImageImage

No day spent with your kids are ever wasted!

Another father’s day has come and gone,and maybe you received presents you will not not use or did not find good.Sometimes we forget the impact fathers have on their kids. In the book  The Effective Father by Gordon MacDonald recalls a story by James Boswell (1740-1795). 

MacDonald writes that it was reported that Boswell “often referred to a special day in his childhood when his father took him fishing. The day was fixed in his adult mind, and he often reflected upon many of the many things his father had taught him in the course of their fishing experience together.”

Because this was spoken of so often, “it occurred to someone much later to check the journal that Boswell’s father kept and determine what had been said about the fishing trip from the parental perspective. Turning to that date, the reader found only one sentence entered: ‘Gone fishing today with my son; a day wasted.’”

I would like to argue that not one single day we spend with our kids are ever wasted. Our kids look up to us for guidance support and an example to follow.The streets are littered with kids who come from fatherless homes or homes where the father neglected his duties.The statistics of this situation are captured in the book by Frank Turek namely  Correct, Not Politically Correct.

“Children from fatherless homes are:

  1. Seven times more likely to live in poverty;
  2. Six times more likely to commit suicide;
  3. More than twice as likely to commit crime;
  4. More than twice as likely to become pregnant out of wedlock;
  5. Worse off academically and socially;
  6. Worse off physically and emotionally when they reach adulthood.”   Image
  1. Is that the type of legacy you want to leave your kids?
  2. Not me brother!

Learn to trust God through infertility.


prayers are answered.

When Grace and I decided to have another child we prayed about for a long time and only after several years, yes YEARS God blessed us with Bryan. There are many couples who struggle to have kids and then turn around blaming God for their infertility. People ask the question why kids are born to drug addicts who subsequently causes their kids to become addicted as well; and why does not God not allow kids to be born in homes where kids will be brought up well. Is God to be judged in this situation? We blamed God for a while too and felt it was unfair to go through this situation.

We inadvertently think a close walk with God will give us some assurance of getting out of life the major things we hope for: health, a happy marriage, healthy children, and at least the basics in food, water, and shelter. When a major foe enters the picture—like cancer, job loss, or infertility—it doesn’t take long for us to judge our experiences as unjust and unfair.

ImageGod blessed us and we truly pray for the many couples who long to have a baby and yet they do not fall pregnant. Keep on believing..

God doesn’t operate by our definition of fairness, nor does He dole out blessings only to those who deserve them. “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous” (Matt. 5:45). Continue reading

The kids are growing up too fast.

Keren has started at her new school recently and she was both relieved and excited to finally begin her journey in Cape Town.

Here she is all dressed up and ready to go. As it is winter season the long pants comes in handy. Grace drove them to school this morning and got stuck in traffic because she left the house to late. School starts around 08:20 and that means you never leave after 07:30 even if the school is just around the corner.

Image 2013-04-30 08.07.10 2013-04-30 14.02.44

Bryan had a lovely nap to take his mind of the traffic problems Grace had and woke up to see Keren off for her first day at

New school.

This semester will be my first at a high school in Korea. The new school is 7 times bigger than the elementary school where I first started this Asian journey.So far the transition has been smooth and here is hoping it will continue on this path.The new school’s name is Yeoju Jeil High School/Yeoju First High School.The website is

The area is quite rural but a short bus trip will get you to Icheon and Seoul is about an hour by bus.It is quite an adjustment to live here without my family and I pray that the time fly quickly. The students and staff are keeping me busy with extra tutoring and proofreading of assignments ;but I don’t mind that.